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Viewer 2D API - Documentation
Viewer 2D API - Documentation
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Auto generated floor plans for all models as SVG files with relevant BIM information included.

  • Bimsync generates floor plans for every floor in your building including symbols for doors.

  • All closed polygons like spaces can be given a background color while all polygons can be given a thicker line and color.

  • Add symbols and signs to the canvas to indicate technical components or escape routes as seen in the example.

  • Select one or more spaces by clicking on the canvas or highlight objects on the canvas in the same way as highlighting objects.

  • The built-in position marker can be used both to sync position on a given floor and room with the 3D viewer or to navigate the model.

Interactive floor plans

Select, highlight and colorize

Add your own graphics

Select spaces and objects

Set and track the position

Read the 2D API documentation
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