Mobile app update
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Mobile app update

There's a new version of our mobile app available in the app stores. Version 1.6.0 includes some great new features and improvements to simplify workflows using the app:

  • View all of your documents in-app, including Office documents, PDFs & videos.

File formats viewed in-app.png

  • Advanced 2D viewing capabilities. Combine multiple floors and provide better markers and 2D navigation experience.

Combined floors.png

  • Simpler issue creation. Add many pictures, from your camera or gallery in a single step.

Choose pictures from gallery.png

  • Create issues from within the 3D viewer including a 3D viewpoint of the current view.


  • Improved performance across both 2D and 3D viewers.

In addition, you will also find some other new interesting features:

  • Display of the model name marker in the issue screen

Modelname on markers.png

  • Toggle between regular or long space names in the 2D viewer

Long short room names.png

  • Display of (Ifc) types in the selection panel of the 3D viewer

  • A new option to alphabetically sort your projects

  • More information in onboarding screen

  • A better display of the status bar on recent Android devices (same as iOS)

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