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Catenda Teams and select all users added to ShareLink
Catenda Teams and select all users added to ShareLink
Written by Catenda Developers
Updated over a week ago

Our ShareLink feature has been upgraded by adding Teams and "All users" to the options for selecting recipients. These email notifications can now quickly be created to bring attention to pages or content in a Bimsync project.

Using the new recipient selection:

Sharelink update w teams and all users.png

1. You can search for individual members or teams

2. Use the the All users button to select (or unselect) all project members

3. Click on team names to select (or unselect) all members in that team

4. Among the list of users you can select and unselect users

You can build recipient lists in several ways, for example by selecting a couple of teams, then removing some of the users by clicking on their names.

To learn how to use the ShareLink feature, check this previous Bimsync update:

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