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Massive upgrade of mobile app
Massive upgrade of mobile app
Written by Catenda Developers
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We're excited to release a major update of the Bimsync mobile app. This time around we've really boosted the viewer navigation using the 2D view to quickly navigate to exactly where you want to be in 3D. We've also added:

  • Improved issue creation - Capture first, then add info and assign.

  • Laser measurement in 3D.

  • Packed in loads of new tools into image editing.

  • Added performance settings for managing model viewing on older devices.

2D/3D navigation

The split screen navigation feature lets you move your location in 3D using the curser in the 2D overview. You can scale the two views on the fly.

Here's how to set up the 2D/3D view:

1. Load the models you want to see in the 2D and 3D views.

2. Click on the 2D/3D button. The screen divides into 2D and 3D views. You can move the split to increase the size of one view to suit your focus. On tablets in landscape mode, the views display side by side.

Choose 2D_3D.png

3. Use the curser to navigate in the 2D view to the 3D position you want:

2D-3d split screen 1.png

4. Open 2D or 3D tools to manipulate content in each view.

2D_3D split screen2.png

6. Align the 3D view to the storey in the 2D view using this sync button. You are now positioned on the level shown in the 2D view. Using the curser in 2D you can move around the storey and quickly arrive at your desired location in 3D.

2D_3D split screen3.png

At any time your can go back to full 2D or 3D view by choosing the 2D or 3D buttons in the toolbar along bottom of the screen.

Issue attachments

Capture first, then document.

Choose to take a photo, add an image from your device's gallery or a 3D viewpoint using this action bar:

New issue action bar.png

Just add a title and you can save the issue, then fill in the remaining information and assign later.

Laser measure

Measure dimensions of objects and distances between surfaces. The laser shoots measurements in X, Y, Z components from the point you choose. The measuring tool is found here in the 3D tools:

2021-07-22 16_08_07-measurements with circle.png

New image editor

There's a stack of new tools for adding comments and annotations to images:

Photo editing tools.png

Toggle viewer performance

You can choose between speed or quality. This feature is aimed to assist older deveices using the viewer.


The app is free to use for all Bimsync users, so download and start using it today. We'd love to hear what you think of it!

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