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3d measurements update!
3d measurements update!

Improvements to the measurement tools in Bimsync

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There are some improvements that has been made to the measurement tools in Bimsync.

Recently we added support for imperial measurement, in addition to the existing metric ones. The default can be defined in project settings.

A new feature that we now support is that the measures snaps to curves/lines created by a clipping plane. They also support snapping to the centre of circular objects like pipes. This works for both the measurement tape and the laser measure tool. Snapping also works with point clouds. Notice the “bullseye” in the measurement pointer. If it is blue, it is not snapping. If it is red, it snaps to a line/curve. If it is green, it snaps to a corner.

A new tool in the measure toolbox is the point measure. With this tool you can get the x, y and z position of the part you are pointing at in 3D. It is supported both for IFC and point clouds. This tool also supports snapping.

All of these tools can be accessed by clicking on the arrow icon in the top right corner of the 3D viewer.

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