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Deprecation Notice: this feature was fully released on 11/16/2023 and will be turned on for all new projects. We will maintain the old models view for about a year after which all projects will be migrated to Models as documents.

If you would like to migrate your project before then this is available per request.

Please ask or via the chat bubble if you would like your project to be migrated.

We are working on an effort to merge the models section and the documents.

Models are files with revisions and documents are files with revisions so why not link them!

This effort is called models as documents.

This development has turned out to be more challenging than anticipated and has therefore not been made available for new projects yet.

As there are already many benefits that some users enjoy we are happy to enable this feature for you per request.

This article contains information about the following topics:


Models and documents will be linked to each other.

You can think of it like xRef documents in Autocad or hyperlink documents in InDesign.

Models linked to documents

As you will be able to see if you make a model, a document will also be made in the models folder in the documents section.
You can specify where new documents generated by making a model end up in project settings.

Documents linked to models

Similarly you can upload an IFC to a folder and in the hamburger menu of the right panel "promote it to 3D" This will then link the IFC to a model and process it as if it were uploaded to the models section.

Creating a model

Models can be created in two ways.

Creating a model in the models section

If you make a model with the create model button in the models section an empty document will be added in a folder called 'models' in the documents section.

Document-models can be moved out of this folder to anywhere in the documents section you have access to and the models folder can be deleted if desired.

If you wish that new documents end up in a folder with a different name, please ask or via the black chat bubble on the bottom right.

Creating a model in the documents section

You do this by creating a model in the hamburger menu of a document.

After you do this you will see the document as a model in the models section.
New revisions to the model can be added as revisions to the document instead.

Note: This means you can create models from multiple IFC files at the same time instead of having to upload them one by one!

Document-model icon badge

A document-model will have the model badge on its icon.


Models and documents can now be deleted in two ways

Deleting a model-document

If you delete a model that is connected to a document, the document will loose the model connection, but the document will remain in the document section.

Deleting a document-model.

If you delete a document that is connected to a model you will have to approve a warning that the model connected to the document will also be deleted.

Note: This means you can delete a model without loosing the data. (Deleted documents can be recovered)


The benefits of this feature are that you can:

  • Open multiple models in 2D by selecting them in the document section and clicking on the 2D button on top.

  • Delete multiple models at a time instead of one-by-one

  • Structure your IFC models in a folder structure.

  • Add labels to models

  • Configure ACL of who can see models in the models section

    • You need at least read access to the document-model to see the model-document.

  • Configure ACL of who can upload revisions to which model instead of just all or no models.

    • You need at least write access to the document-model to be able to upload new revisions to the model.

  • Configure ACL of who can download which model instead of just all or no models.

    • You need at least read access to the document-model to be able to download the model.

  • Upload IFC files as drafts so they can go through an approval process before they are published.

  • The naming convention feature can be used for model names.

  • Models can be opened in 3D viewer straight from the documents section.

Disabling models as documents

When models as documents has been enabled on a project and is later turned off all the document-models and the models folder will be hidden.

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