Project Security
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Saving of data

As long as you are one of our clients we save your data. As soon as the client relationship has been terminated projects will begin to expire.

For most projects we can guarantee the backup of your data until three years from the project expiry.

Data on home soil

If enterprise customers desire to save their data on home soil we might be able to do this for you depending on location. Please contact support if you wish to know more about this.

Deletion of documents

Users can delete documents but administrators in a project will always be able to find documents by searching for "deleted". Keep in mind that this is language specific.

Project member download

Access to documents can be granted and revoked.

A user that can see a document will also be able to download it.

Sharing with people outside the project

All project members can share both models and documents with external parties.
Models can be shared by making an open url of a bookmark.

Documents can be shared by making an open url of a document collection.

Someone who has access to such a link will not need an account to view the model or download the documents.

It is possible to request that these type of url's are turned off for all your projects.

Downloading of models

Everyone can see the models that are uploaded in the model section.

It is possible to configure access of who can up- and download models.

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