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Property Value Library
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With the new property value library you can have Catenda Hub index the values of a given property across all models of your project. For example to have the library present a list of all LOD (Level of Detail) or MMI (Model Maturity Index) with a link to all related objects.

You can index values from properties in property- or quantity-sets, and each of the values found will be listed with a link to the related objects.

With this library you can either select, isolate or make a query of objects by property / parameter

You can see the feature in action in the following video:

When the property library is created it can take a while to synchronize its properties. This is because all properties of all objects of all latest revisions of all models have to be checked for this property.

If a model-revision is added later on the library will be re-synchronized. This time it will be faster because only the new model-revision has to be checked.

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