Creating a new topic

This describes all the steps to create a topic

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Creating a new topic can be done from the topics-screen, or from the dashboard topic viewer. To create a new topic click the “New topic” button on the top right of the screen. This will open the New topic window.

This is what the new topic creation page can look like:

On this page you will find information about the following:

1. Top banner

Click on back to topics to go back to the topic board you were in last.

2. Header

This is what the topic header can look like:


Enter the title/subject.

This is usually the only thing that is required in order to send in the topic.

Topic board

There will be different topic board list to choose from and they will differ from project to project.


You can choose between open or closed. Normally you choose open when you are creating a new topic.


Here you choose the type of topic you are creating. The types you can choose between are Error, Warning, Info and Unknown. These are the default ones, you can also create your own types.


Add 2D marker

Due date

If you know set a due date or leave it blank.

It is recommended that you add a due date even if you do not exactly know the timeframe of the topic. This gets you into the habit of setting due dates. Any bit of information can help inform the project. The due date can always be changed later.


Pin it to a milestone or leave it blank.

This can help with tracking how many topics have been tackled in before a project date.


Assigned to

Here you can assign the topic to a specific member or a team.

It is recommended that you set a member as assignee instead of a team as shared responsibility makes it so none of the team members feels personally responsible.

If you would still like to let other team members know their team is responsible you can set member@team.

If a member is set as assignee they will automatically follow the topic.

If a team is set as assignee the team members will not automatically follow the topic.

Requested by

Here you can set the member or team that is requesting the topic.

You will be set as the requester by default, but you can choose any member here.

If a member is set as requestee they will automatically follow the topic.

If a team is set as requestee the team members will not automatically follow the topic.


Add relevant labels for the topic or create a new label.

A newly created label will only be shared with the project after the topic is submitted.

Custom fields

If custom fields have been added to the topic board where the topic is being created you might see dropdown, text or integer custom fields.

If the field has a red error message this means that the field is set as required and you have to fill in something in order to be able to submit the topic.

3. Right information panel

This is what the right information panel can look like


Click here to see how to link a document to an topic.

4. Body

This is what the body of a topic can look like:


Add a description for the topic. Tag people that should be included in the discussion with @. In the toolbar below you have some different options, for example: Check lists in topics


The text box besides the add button is to write a comment, mention people be typing @name or link to other topics by typing #link.


Add button

By clicking on the add button, you can add a 2D/3D snapshot or picture from your hard drive.

The 2D/3D snapshot comes from the latest camera angle in the 3D/2D viewer. By opening the 3D button in navigation viewer. You can navigate your way through the model to the topic in question and pressing the add button choosing the 2D/3D snapshot and then the snapshot will appear.


If you have the 2D view of a model loaded a 2D snapshot of your current 2D view will automatically be added.

If you have the 3D view of a model loaded a 3D snapshot of your current camera position will automatically be added.

If you have 3D objects selected in the 3D snapshot when you submit the topic, these objects will be linked to the topic.

You can remove, refresh or add new snapshots before submitting.

If you left click on the snapshot you have taken, you have the option to add annotations to the image. Under the image a toolbar will appear with the tools to draw the specific point of the topic in more detail.

Note: If you are on a mobile unit you can either use a stored picture or take a new one with the built-in camera. All screens are dynamic (“responsive”) and adapt to the screen size of the unit you are using.


Keep open to submit

Check this box if you are planning to make another topic right away.


When you have chosen all the relevant info for the topic press submit in the bottom right.

The least amount of information required to submit an topic is the title.

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