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BCF Workflow using Naviate for Revit
BCF Workflow using Naviate for Revit
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BCF from Revit with Naviate to Bimsync.

Create an issue in Revit with Naviate BCF manager.

Select the elements you want to make an issue about and go to the Naviate BCF manager. Make sure you select either version 1.0 or 2.0. Click ok.

Click save BCF file and save it as a bcfzip file.

Go to issues in bimsync and import the BCF you created in Revit

The selected BCF.

The BCF is now loaded under issues in Bimsync.

You can then go and change the different settings inside the issue by clicking on it.

BCF from Bimsync to Revit with Naviate.

Filter out the issue you want to get.

Export the filtered issues.

You will get notified when the BCF is exported. Download the BCF.

Go back to Revit to get the downloaded BCF.

Open it up in BCF manager.

The BCF is loaded in Revit with the related components. Revit makes a individual view for the BCF.

You can also section out the related components.

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