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When you export an IFC keep in mind what is relevant to your IFC export. The IFC file can be big and difficult to work with if it has a lot of information in it. Therefore it is important to not export unnecessary information. In this report you will get different tips to filter your IFC export in Archicad.

To export the entire project. You must stand in 3D view. Make sure you use the correct translator.

Click the options button to see a summary of your IFC export settings. Under model filter you can also choose to filter out more.

IFC export settings

The IFC translators box allows you to view or modify Translator settings, or to create new Translators.

If you want to modify your IFC export there is recommended that you duplicate one of the premade translators so you don’t mess up one of the default translators.

Click new > Duplicate of > select the translator you want to duplicate.

If you want to merge the IFC you can do that under the same banner.


Different settings in the export

1. Model filter lets you filter out what you want to export by different pre-sets.

2. Type mapping lets you choose what kind of IFC type each element is exported as.

3. Geometry conversion lets you choose what kind of geometry you want to export.

4. Property mapping lets you set up criteria based on types.

5. Data conversion lets you choose what kind of data you want to export from the model.

6. Unit conversion lets you choose what measuring units you want to export in your IFC.

Type Mapping for IFC Export

When an IFC is exported all the elements in the model gets assigned an IFC type.

If you select the IFC translator you want to use you can then go to type mapping and click on the Map IFC Types for import to manage what kind of type mapping you want on your exported IFC.

Type mapping mainly have to different options to sort your IFC types by.

Element type:

Each element is automatically assigned a basic IFC type. You can se each element`s assigned IFC type in project manager and in element settings.


This method allows more flexible and detailed IFC type mapping, according to specify classification standards. Zone and opening elements are set to a fixed IFC type. IFCSpace and IFCOpeningElements.

Property mapping

Inside property mapping (File > IFC > Interoperability > Property Mapping) you can choose what kind of version of IFC you want to export. you have the standard IFC2x3 and the standard IFC4. You can also add psets to export with your IFC. If you do this you should make a duplicate of the IFC schema you choose.

After you’ve made a duplicate of your standard IFC you can add the properties you want to that new preset by selecting the IFC schema and clicking on Map IFC Properties for Export.

Data conversion for IFC export

Under data conversion you select what kind of data in addition to geometry you want to get out of your IFC export. check the boxes of what you want to export.

Element parameters reads the Archicad element parameter and converts it to IFC quantities or IFC properties. Depending on their type. By choosing this option you significantly increase the file size.

IFC Base Quantities reads the parameters of size, area and volume. If you don’t check this box off you may have trouble importing your IFC to Bimsync.

Exporting grids in the IFC

Sometimes you want the grids exported as well to be able to see them in Bimsync.

Go to the model filter for IFC Export and make sure the checkbox “Grid system and Elements” are checked.

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