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ShareLink - Notify people about Catenda Hub content
ShareLink - Notify people about Catenda Hub content

Notify manually users when it's needed and important.

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You will always be able to find the sharelink button on the top right of the page next to your profile picture.

This page contains information about the following topics:

If you are on the main page before entering a project the sharelink button will be grayed out. It is only possible to share pages from within a project.

Notifying users

Ever wanted to notify a project member about a document, some issues or other content in Catenda Hub, without leaving Catenda Hub? Or maybe users have switched off their Catenda Hub notifications?

This feature solves these problems.

ShareLink sends an email from Catenda Hub to the project members you choose with a link to the content you want to share.

Note: Users will always get a notification about a link that is shared with them this way. Even if they have their notifications turned off.

To use ShareLink:

  1. First select up to 100 items of content you want to share.

    For example some documents or issues.

    The sharelink recipient(s) will then only see these items.
    If you just share the page the sharelink recipient(s) will see the whole page.

  2. Click the the ShareLink button.

ShareLink window


Select the project members you want to send the message to.

You can select teams by typing @

You can also easily send a message to all users in a project this way.

Note: If you click and drag from outside the recipients box you can select all recipients. This is very useful if you want to copy the emails of all users in the project.

The recipient field can be copied and pasted in the recipient To: field of any email application.


Change the title of the message to suit the reason for sharing the content


Write you own message in the message body.

Shared content

The URL you will be sending is available here to check.


If you want to make sure the user knows what to expect when clicking on the link you can add a screenshot of the link you are sharing. In this case the following image will be attached to the sharelink email notification:

Screenshot of shared content

Send the message

The message is sent from to the recipients you chose in step 1. You get a CC message to your own email.

The mail message can look like this if you added a screenshot:

Accessing the content

  1. Click on this link, Catenda Hub will open a page with the shared items.


  2. Copy this URL to your browser.

When the link is followed only the selected items are shown:

Selected items work for issues as well as documents.

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