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3D viewer

To see 3D tools in the 3D viewer first at least one model has to be enabled in the project:

  1. Enable the 3D viewer by clicking on the 3D button on the top right (Shift + 2)

  2. Turn on any model by clicking on 3D in the revision selector.

  3. Click on the gear icon to show the 3D viewer settings.

Settings menu

The settings menu that now opens up will look like the following:

Bimsync 3D settings menu

It is possible to change the following options:

  • Show spaces: Default off - Turn on and off spaces. Spaces are still selectable in the 2D viewer if they are in the model.

  • Walk mode: 1.6 Meters Default - Binds the viewer to the ground beneath when you are walking through the model with walkthrough mode. Allows you to walk up stairs.

  • Show Joystick: Shows the joystick on the screen. The location of the joystick can be configured to be in multiple places. The joystick lets you smoothly fly through the model in perspective mode and rotate around a central point in orthographic mode.

    • The Joystick can be shown in these places:

      • Middle left

      • Bottom left

      • Bottom center

      • Bottom right

      • Middle right

  • Anti-aliasing: Pixel accuracy in the smoothing of diagonal lines in order of accuracy. Note that the more accurate the harder it will be to display for the system.

    • FXAA

    • 2x MSAA

    • 4x MSAA

    • 8x MSAA

    • 16x MSAA

  • Incremental rendering: While rotating non vital objects are temporarily hidden to improve performance. This makes it possible to rotate in huge models with little lag.

  • Extended view range: Lets you see up to 50KM! Note that this is slightly heavier on the system.

  • Translucent opacity: 5% Default - How much you can see through objects that are translucent

  • Point cloud settings: Point budget: 1000000 Default - How many points of the point cloud can be displayed at once. The default value is more than enough for most point clouds but the setting is there should more be needed.

  • Navigation settings:

    • Walk speed: 3 m/s Default - How fast the viewer moves in walkthrough mode. For reference a table of general speeds is included below.

    • Elevation speed: 1.5 m/s Default - Vertical movement speed when moving up and down using X and C.

Method of travel

Typical speed (m/s)

Typical speed (mph)














13 - 30

29 - 67







  • Rotation speed: 40°/s Default - How fast the viewer rotates around the camera when you drag on the screen

  • View angle: 60° Default - This setting can be good to make bigger in interior spaces like small rooms so you can see more. It can also be good to limit this setting in models with large distances 2 KM (1.2 miles) and more as it will allow you to more precisely see objects that are further away.

  • Reset navigation settings: Set all navigation settings back to their default position

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