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Creating a merged file in Navisworks:

You can easily download the IFC models from your Bimsync project using this plugin and the actions in the Models tab.

To download to your local device:

  • Click the download button for each model you want to download.

  • The models will be saved in a new folder with the project name under the download path specified under the settings tab.

    • For example: C:\...\Document\Bimsync project name

Create a merged .nwf file using IFCs from Bimsync

In order to be able to use the BCF viewpoints from your Bimsync project in the Bimsync plugin, you need a merged NavisWorks file containing the IFCs from Bimsync.

  • Download the IFC models you want to merge following the steps above.

  • Open one of the files you have downloaded in NavisWorks.

  • Merge more models from the same project into the NavisWorks model using “Append”.

  • Once you have all the files you want to merge appended, save the file as a .nwf file.

  • Save the file in the same folder as your downloaded IFC files.

  • Use this merged file when viewing BCF viewpoints in Navisworks.

  • You can also use this merged file for running collision tests in NavisWorks.

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