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What’s new in Catenda Hub?
What’s new in Catenda Hub?

Discover the new look and feel of your favorite platform

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As you can see, we have a new product :)

Besides the look and feel, and the name, here are the highlights and upgrades you will find in Catenda Hub:

The Menu

We have changed the layout of the features, making it easier to access your tool quickly. Catenda Hub sections are well defined and clearer to understand.

Catenda Hub

Each section gets a collapsible sub-section giving users access to secondary features.

IFC 4.3. Is available

Catenda Hub is now able to import and display IFC 4.3 files, and users can already benefit from new features related to this format.

See our article that covers this in more details: LINK

Organizations: Users and projects management - portfolio toolset

In the Organizations section of Catenda Hub, you will find a new set of tools to organise project's members, roles and project membership.

Users can be added or removed from projects, projects can be moved between organizations, etc...

New Issue Table view

We have updated the Table view for Issues, users can adjust more components to their needs, and also benefit from an issue preview when selecting in the list.

Partial name matching in Documents

When uploading a new document into Catenda Hub, our system will automatically suggest similar documents, and present the suggestion in the popup window.

Matching engine gives a score to the association, and suggests the highest result.

Naming convention (Alpha feature)

You will discover a new feature visible under the Documents section, called Naming Convention.

This is a Work In Progress, and will be delivered as a new feature later this year.

Please get in touch with us in order to have a demo and eventually a trial version, using the Chat button in Catenda Hub.

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