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You can find the table view of an issue board on the issues page.

By default the list view is displayed.

To show the table view click on Table view (4)

The following topics will be described in this articled in this article:

This is what an issue board looks like in table view.

When an issue is updated you can fetch the changes.
There will then be an animation of new issues sliding in and deleted issues sliding out

Issue selection

1. Selecting issues with selection box

Select a checkbox to select an issue from the list

You can also click anywhere in the row of the issue where there is no link to select it

After having selected an issue you can shift + click to select all issues in between.

You can also ctrl + click to add/remove issue to the selection

2. Select all

Select all issues in the issue board(s)

When you open an issue board 100 issues are loaded. If you scroll down past 100 issues you will load more issues. The first time you check this box you will select all issues you have loaded. If you have many issues in your board and do not want to scroll to load them all you can click on select all in filter which will appear next after "issues selected" when you check the selection box.

6. Columns dropdown

Rearrange and toggle the columns of the list view.

Your preference for column rearrangement and toggle will be remembered across issue boards and projects and is stored in your account.
This means that it will still have that order if you close and re-order your browser.
By default all columns are on and in this order:

  1. Checkbox

  2. #

  3. Title

  4. Status

  5. Type

  6. Requested by

  7. Assigned to

  8. Created

  9. Updated

  10. Labels

  11. Due date

  12. Created by

  13. Milestone

  14. Issue board

  15. Custom field 1

  16. Custom field 2

  17. etc.

3. Header row


By clicking on the header of a column it is possible to sort by that column.

Clicking on it again will sort it the other way

By default the Created column will be sorted.

If you change your sorting preference it will be remembered until next time you open the issue board.

Dragging column headers

Column headers can be dragged left and right to be rearranged.

You can drag the column header out of the table to disable the column.

You can enable the column again in the column dropdown on the top right.

Column width

When you hover your mouse over the line between two columns you can drag to change the width of a column.

Your preference for width of column will be remembered across issue boards and projects and is stored in your account.
It is possible to double click on the area between two columns to auto-fit the text within the column.

Cursor change
You will know you are hovering over the right place when your cursor changes to a resize pointer

4. List view

Swap between List view or Table view

5. Compact view

Compact view can be useful for screens with lower resolutions

Scroll bars

7. Vertical scroll bar

Drag this bar to scroll the issue board horizontally

8. Horizontal scroll bar and summation row

See the sum of all values in a custom field column

Drag this bar to scroll the issue board vertically

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