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Issues page - Catenda Site
Issues page - Catenda Site
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The issues page can be found in the menu or by tapping the issues button on the bottom navigation bar.

On the issues page you will see the name of the current project at the top.

Below the name of the project you will see a dropdown menu.
If you tap on this menu or on the search icon you can choose what issue board you want to display.

To the right of the menu you will see the filter button.


Filters will be saved for each issue board.

You can filter by:

  • My issues

  • Statuses and Types

    • If a status or type is added to the project or the name of an existing status or type is changed, issues with this status will have the name of the status and type but the color will be gray.

    • It will not be possible to filter, and see the color, of these statuses until you go back to the project page and re-open the project.

  • Due date

  • Location

Reset filter icon

If you tap the reset filters icon to remove any filter preference in my issues, due date or location. Tapping this button will also deselect any statuses, types and labels that were selected.


On this page page the issues according to your filter will be displayed

Press the green circle with the plus in the middle to make a new issue

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