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You will be able to find the 3D viewer of Catenda Site on the 2D / 3D page.

3D Viewer

In the 3D viewer of Catenda you will be able to see the 3D models from the models section in your project.

Model selector

Tap the model selector button to open the model selector menu.

Check the boxes next to the models to configure which models you would like to show in the 3D viewer. When you are finished configuring your models, tap "Done".


a. Zoom to extents of the model - Get an overview

b. Reset parts of the 3D viewer

c. 3D viewer settings

Reset options

In the reset options menu you can choose to:

  • Show all objects - Unhide any objects you had hidden

  • Clear measurements - Remove all measurements

  • Remove clipping planes - Remove all clipping planes

Tap "Done" when you are finished configuring the 3D reset options

3D viewer settings

In the 3D viewer settings menu you can change the:

  • Navigation mode - Mobile or Tablet

  • Joystick visibility - On or off

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