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2D viewer - Catenda Site
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You will be able to find the 2D viewer of Catenda Site on the 2D / 3D page

2D viewer

In the 2D viewer of Catenda you will be able to see the storeys that are available in your project.

Floor selector

Select which floor you want to display in the 2D viewer.

If you have any buildings configured with the storey configurator in Catenda Hub you will see the storey as part of a building.
If a storey is not part of a building it will be displayed below the bottom floor of the last building.


a. Zoom to extents of the storey - Get an overview

b. 3D query - Load a section of the 2D view in 3D

c. 2D viewer settings

3D query

If you get an error when loading 3D models it is often because your mobile device cannot handle all the data from one or more models.
This option allows you to load part of the model so you can still see it.

2D viewer settings

Here you can configure the 2D viewer options

  • Marker visibility - Turn markers on or off

  • Marker coloring mode - Change the type of color you wan the markers to have

  • Space name format - Rooms can have short or long names in an IFC file

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