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Why am I not receiving emails?
Why am I not receiving emails?
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There are several situations which can cause you not to receive emails.

Some reasons this could happen listed below.

Not receiving any emails

If you are not receiving any emails from us the emails are not getting sent the right place or your account has either been blocked to prevent spam.

Spam or junk

Please check your spam or junk inbox to see if the email may have ended up there.

New email account

Should our email not arrive at your email address due to missing inbox or network spam protection your email will be blocked by us.

Keep in mind that some mail servers take up to 24 hours to synchronize the inbox of a new account. Therefore please wait 24 hours after creating the email address before making an account.

Reactivated email account

If your email address was deactivated at any point and our mail server attempted to send an email to it, this email will not have been able to arrive and the address might have been blocked. If you for example left a company an joined it again at a later date your email address may have been blocked.


If your company uses MailInBlack we might need to whitelist your email manually. This can take a few hours.

Only receiving links

If you are receiving project invitations, shared document collections or bookmarks but no notifications your account is most likely not verified.

You can see if your account is not verified by the gray bar that is always displayed on top asking you to verify your account.

Please verify your email address to receive email notifications.

Contact support

If you therefore need any help receiving emails you can always contact us via email at or via the black chat button next to your profile picture on the top right of the page where you are reading this article.

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