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If your current plan and access allows for it, you can create a new project by signing in and on the project page, click the "New Project" button or by going to the new project page.

Otherwise, to create a new project contact Catenda support at or with the black chat button next to your profile picture on the top right of the page where you are reading this article to upgrade you plan.

We will guide you through creating it.

The new project page can look something like this:

This article contains information about the following topics:

Select an owner

Users with access to enterprise organizations will be able to create the amount of projects that their plan allows.


The name of the project.

Numbers in front of the name are recommended because the projects are sorted alphabetically on the projects page.

Often the project number is used in the beginning of the name.

  • Location is often mentioned in the project name.

  • It is also useful to describe the type of project it is.

    Maybe an office building or a school.

  • If there are multiple phases to this project the phase can be added to the project name.

Select a project to use as template

You can choose to inherit some of the settings of another project when making a new project.

Models (no revisions)

Empty models ready to receive new revisions


Labels that can be connected to topics, models and documents.

It is useful to have the same labels in multiple projects for analysis with tools like PowerBI

Milestones (no dates)

Useful when creating a new project upon a phase change that has the same milestones as the last one.

Teams (no member)

Teams ready to accept members.

Access in the document structure is also distributed through teams.

Topic boards (including statuses and types, but no topics)

Boards that are set up and ready to be used for communication.

Boards can lie archived until they are ready to be used.

Folder structure

Note: You need to be an administrator or the owner of the project you are using as template to choose this option

Document status configuration

Public document statuses can be used to keep track of the progress of a document.

Draft document statuses can be used for approvals.

Document and topic board access control

This will copy the access control for the following options (if selected)

  • Folder structure

  • Topic boards

Note: You need to be an administrator or the owner of the project you are using as template to choose this option

What will be included:

  • Defined access for "Teams". (If teams are selected)

  • Other access settings. ("All users", "Owners", etc...)

What will not be included:

  • Defined access for "Users"

Custom fields and naming conventions

Custom fields can be shown in issues and used in naming conventions.

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