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The projects page is the first page you are presented with after signing into Catenda Hub.

This page can look something like this:

This article contains information about the following:

Left navigation menu

The left navigation menu can be found on the left side of the projects page.

This navigation menu changes depending on where you are on Catenda Hub.


Click here to read more about the projects page.


Click here to read more about the notifications page.


Click here to read more about the account page.


Click here to read more about the organizations page.

The organization page shows an overview of the organizations you are part of.

This tool is where some organization owners can create new projects.

Most people will therefore not see anything here.


By clicking on the help button on the bottom of the left navigation panel you will find links to the following:

Top right buttons

The top right buttons are present wherever you are on Catenda Hub.

This means that the notifications and account pages are always reachable even if the left navigation menu has changed.

Notifications button

If you have received any new notifications you will see a red notification indicator.

Clicking on the notification button will open the notification dropdown and the unread notification indicator will disappear.

The dropdown shows the last 5 notifications of all new information regarding the projects you are apart of. You can always see this button in the top right of the screen.

Sharelink button

The sharelink function is only available from within a project and will therefore be grayed out on the projects page.

Account button

The account button shows your profile picture or the initials of your username.

Clicking on the account button will open the account dropdown.

Account - Click here to read more about the account page.

This takes you to the same page as the account button in the left navigation menu.

The difference is that this account button is available no matter where you are on Catenda Hub whereas the left navigation menu might change depending on where you are.

Sign out

Sign out of Catenda Hub

Optionally you can also go to to sign out.

New project

Click this button to create a new project.

Regular users will be able to create one freemium project while users with access to enterprise organizations will be able to create the amount of projects that their plan allows.



The owning organization of the project

Search bar

Here you can type in the name of the project to search for it.


Projects you have given a star to will appear towards the top with the project image.

Click on the image to open up that project.

Click on the star on the top left of the image to remove the project from favorites.


The locations of all projects you are part of


The list of all projects.

Here you see all projects that you are a member of.

Organization administrators will be able to see all projects of the organization on the projects page of the organization tool.

This list follows the general rules for sorting lists on Catenda Hub.


Click on the star on the left of the project name to add the project to favorites.

This can be useful if it is a project you use a lot and you want it to appear towards the top.


Click on the name any project to enter the project.

Last updated

The last time there was any activity in this project


If the project has expired you will see the word Expired in red letters to the right of the project row.

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