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The projects screen is the first screen you encounter after logging in to Catenda Hub.

It gives you a complete list of all projects you have access to.


If it is your first time inside Catenda Hub you need to be invited to a project to have access.

You can mark the project as a favorite by clicking on the star next to each project.

All projects marked as favorites will appear with thumbnails.

Open a project

Click on the project thumbnail or chosen project in the list.

(Note: If you have a long list of project they all will appear here.)

New project

If your current plan and access allows for it, you can create a new project by clicking this button. Otherwise, to create a new project contact Catenda to upgrade you plan and we will guide you through creating it.


The Map tab will show the location of all project you are apart of on a zoomable world map. This is based on the geolocation for each project, see Geolocation.


The info button works as a help button. By clicking on the info button you will find:


The notification button will show all new information regarding the projects you are apart of. You can always see this button in the top right of the screen.


Here you can configure your account settings


The organization page shows an overview of the organizations you are part of.

This tool is where some organization owners can create new projects.

Most people will therefore not see anything here.

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