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Accepting an invitation to join a project
Accepting an invitation to join a project
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The most common way of getting started using Bimsync is by invitation to a project. You will receive an email with the subject "(some person) has invited you to (some project). The name of the person and the persons email will be visible in the invite:

To accept the invitation you click on the "Click here to accept invitation" link.

Note 1: A project invitation can be sent multiple times. All emails will have the same link so they will all work unless the invitation has been revoked.

Note 2: You cannot reply to the email. If you have questions about the invite you will have to reply to the inviting persons email address.

When you click on the invite you are taken to Bimsync where you are asked to sign in and accept the invitation.

If you don't already have an account you will be asked to sign up for an account at Bimsync. Follow the signup procedure.

Next click "accept invitation"

Note 3: If you notice that you are logged in with a different account than the one you intend to use in this project you will be given the option to change user before accepting the invitation.

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