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You will be able to find the links library in as the second library on the libraries page.

Here you will be able to click on the star to the left to always show the links library in your left navigation menu in the project.

This article contains information about the following topics:

Top buttons

New link

Click on the green new link button to make a new link

URL - Paste the URL you want to have as a link in the link library.

Name - Select a name for the link

Remember to click on Submit

Hamburger menu

New library - Takes to you the library creation page

Filtering in the links library

Click the filter button to see the different possible filters.

In the links library you will be able to filter on the following:
Linked - link=linked

Unlinked - link=unlinked

Linked to selected objects - link=backlink


Checkbox - lets you select the link which will make the right information panel show up.

Name - The name of the link

Url - Gives you a button to click on to be taken to the url of the link


If any objects have been linked to this link you will see the number of objects linked to this link here. Clicking on this number will let you:

Select the linked objects in 3D viewer

Isolate the linked objects in the 3D viewer

Load the linked objects as a query in the 3D viewer

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