An explanation of the query function in the 2D toolbar

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In the initial beta release there are three types of query:

  1. Intersecting space

  2. Intersecting storey

  3. Rectangle selection

Creating a query

To create a query, start in the 2D viewer:

Intersecting space

  1. Right click on a space

  2. Select Intersecting space

This will load all geometry intersecting the axis aligned bounding box of the space.

Intersecting storey

  1. Right click in the viewer

  2. Select Intersecting storey

This will load all geometry inside the top and bottom planes of the storey.

Rectangle selection

  1. Click the query rectangle button.

  2. Click, drag and release to draw a rectangle.

  3. Specify the models you want to load in the query popover.

Query popover

  1. Select current Storey or Full height.

  2. Select Any, External or Internal.

  3. Toggle all models on or off.

  4. Select which models to include in the query.

  5. Create query.

Editing a query

In the initial beta release, queries are not stored.

You can edit a query using the query tab of the model selector found in the top left corner on the 3D viewer.

  1. Model selector

  2. Query tab

  3. Click edit to open the query popover

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