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Edit access control on root folders for documents:

  1. Go to documents in the main menu.

  2. Click the “hamburger menu” in the top right, here you will find Library setting. Click on the library settings.

  3. In the new window you will find access control on the root folder. Click on it.

  4. Here you will see the members that access to the root folder and the edit access button. Click the edit access button.

  5. The edit access window will appear

  6. Define access for member(s) or team(s).

  7. Administrators

  8. Others: This is the access for all others then yourself, with an exception from admin user. The drop down menu has some options.

  • No access

  • Read

  • Write and Read

  • Full access (all admin users)

  1. Owner: This is the access for the owner of the folder(s) or document(s). It has the same options as in point 7.

  2. You need to choose between the last three:

  • Folder and new content

Only sets permission on the folder, no sub elements. New elements will always inherit the access from the folder they are added to.

  • Folder and files

Only sets permissions on the folder, and the files that are directly in that folder. Sub-folders, or files in sub-folders will not be affected.

  • Folder and all subfolder and files

Sets the permissions on the folder, and all sub content of that folder, both folders and files

Click save and the access control is done.

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