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Measuring features

Describing the measuring features in Catenda Hub

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This article will explain how to use and how the different measuring features work in Catenda Hub. There are two different measuring features in Catenda Hub, Laser measure and Tape measure. Laser measuere is a feature that finds surfaces and lines and gives you automatically the measure between these two points, while Tape measure is a feature where you choose point A and draw a line to line B and gives you the measure between these two points.

Laser Measure

  1. You find the Laser measurer on the Models page in Catenda Hub (se picture below).
    Have a model open in the 3D view and activate the Laser measurer. It is recommended to have the Information tab and Measure tab open while doing measurements (as shown in the picture).

2. Now that the Laser measurer is active, you can begin taking measurements. You can either choose a surface or lines to take measurements from, when you have taken measures you can choose to add or remove measurements using the arrows on the side (shown in the picture below).

Here you can see that the arrows has been used, and more measures have been added. Catenda Hub automatically finds measures in the axis you want more measures from, all until there's no more lines available. The total length is always in the bottom (like in the picture above). You can remove measures using the minus sign next to the measure.

The arrows can be very useful, especially if you want to find measures between windows, doors and railings for example. In the picture below you see an example of just that, where the arrows have been used to find more measures in the green axis.

3. You can choose different measuring units, Millimeters, Centimeters and Meters. You find these settings by pressing the Unit, Display or Opacity button (as shown in the picture below).

On Display you can choose between three different ways you want the measures to be shown in the 3D view. These are Length, Segment and Distance.

Sometimes the measures can be hidden inside objects and hard to read, but with the Opacity tool you can choose the visibility level of the object related to the measures.

Measuring Tape

The measuring tape feature in Catenda Hub lets you measure freely where you choose point A and B. The measuring tape also finds lines and surfaces, so it's easy to know what you are measuring from and to. If you want a diagonal measure it also adds the vertical and horisontal measure as shown in the picture.
The measuring tape is located in the same place as the Laser measurement or it can be activated by using the hotkey shift+m.

You can deactivate the ongoing action of taking measurements (be it laser or tape) by pressing spacebar button on your keyboard.


To remove the measurements in the 3D view press the Clear Measures (see picture)

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