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Multi Factor Authentication
Multi Factor Authentication
Describes how to set up MFA on your account
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Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) requires entering a code received via your mobile device as well as your username and password, when logging on to Bimsync. When an organization requires MFA it's applied at a organization level. All projects belonging to that organization will then require MFA to access their projects. This will force all users to enable MFA to access projects belonging to that organization.

Enabling MFA

Log onto Bimsync and go to the Account page:

  1. Click on the Authentication tab:

  2. Scroll down to the section for MFA:

  3. Click on Enable MFA

Follow the instructions.

You will need to install an authentication app that you trust on your mobile device.

We recommend the Google Authenticator and the Microsoft Authenticator but you can theoretically use any application that supports the connecting of MFA / Two factor authentication.
Here you will scan the QR code that the authentication page.
NB! With the Microsoft Authenticator app be sure to use the plus on the top right of the Authenticator tab. Do not scan the QR code on the Verified IDs tab as this is another type of verification that only works with Microsoft.

Once enabled you will need to have your mobile device at hand every time you log onto Bimsync.

After successfully enabling MFA you will see this message.

You can disable MFA by clicking the disable button shown above, then entering your password to confirm. After disabling you no longer be able to access projects requiring MFA.

Who can enforce MFA on projects?

MFA applied at organization level is a service that we offer to enterprise customers. Once enforced, all users on all projects belong to the organization will be required to use MFA to log on to those projects. To enable MFA on your organization's projects, contact Bimsync support. When MFA is required on an organization's projects you will see this message when attempting to open the project.

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