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Bimsync Tekla Plugin
Bimsync Tekla Plugin
Connect Bimsync and Tekla
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Important info:

There is a view in Tekla dedicated to Bimsync and this view has to be used to create issues from Tekla to Bimsync. Failing to use this view will result in inconsistencies of the issues created (e.g. viewpoints, object selection, etc.)

Getting started

After installing the plugin, open a model in Tekla Structures and click on the Bimsync icon in the Bimsync taskbar.

Login with your email address and Bimsync password.

Click on “Allow access” to allow the Tekla plugin to access your Bimsync account. This will open the main view of the Bimsync add-in.

You can revoke the access to your Bimsync account at any time by going to your Bimsync Application page on Bimsync's web application.

Issue List

In this page, you will find the main menu to navigate in your Bimsync project, issue boards and issues.


  1. Select your Bimsync project

  2. Select an issue board in this project

  3. Create a new issue in the currently selected issue board

  4. Sort currently displayed issues

  5. Open the Bimsync add-in menu

  6. Search and filter the displayed issues

  7. The list of currently filtered issues in the issue board

  8. Refresh issues

Project and issue board selection

Selecting a Bimsync project will display the list of issue board in this project, allowing you to select one to display the corresponding issues.

Bimsync Add-in Menu

  1. List of models and revision

  2. Export settings for IFC upload onto Bimsync

  3. Version of Bimsync plugin

  4. Logout of your Bimsync account

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