Quantity Take Off (QTO)
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This feature lets you view and export a property list of the objects that are selected in the viewport.

With this list you will easily be able to get accurate measurements of the quantities of different objects in your model.

Getting started:

The QTO menu can be found as the second menu in Inspect panel (shift + 4)

In order for the quantity information of an object to show up it has to be selected.

  1. Display geometry from models in 3D

  2. Resize the Information panel by dragging on the left side of the panel to see what is happening in the inspect panel

  3. Select an object

You will now be able to see the quantitative information connected to this object.

Quantity take off list:

In the image below all MEP objects are selected and it is possible to see their quantities in the list.

1. On the top of the Quantity take off menu it is possible to filter for a specific item.

2. It is possible to resize the columns of a property group or their sub properties by dragging on the lines between each sub property column.

The columns can be sorted alphabetically, reversed alphabetically.

3. At the bottom any properties that have numerical values are summed.

Below the sum there is a bar that lets you scroll left and right in the view.

4. Up to 10 000 objects can be displayed in this menu. You can see how many objects are selected on the bottom.

5. This list can be exported to Excel or CSV

Short video

QTO Bimsync tutorial video
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