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You will be able to find the Information panel as one of the four main panels that can be opened on the top right of your screen. You can either press the i-icon to open this panel or you can press shift+4.

In the information panel you will be able to find the following sections:


This lets you see the information about you selected objects.

Click here to read more about the inspect panel.

Quantity Take-Off

This lets you make and export a list of objects and calculate the sums of values connected to the different selected objects.

Click here to read more about the Quantity Take-Off


In this section you will be able to track the progress of models with the 4th dimension. Time. If your IFC file contains an IFCWORKPLAN you will be able to see a time schedule for the objects in your file.

Note: This only works with ifc files that have been exported with an IFCWORKPLAN from SYNCHRO.

At the start of the timeframe all objects will be hidden and depending on how far time has come objects with the right setting will appear.

Here is an example of what the 4D section can look like:

4D columns

# - The task number

Task ID - The ID of the task

Name - The name of the task

Duration - The duration of the task


The start date of the task

This is when the object will appear in 3D. The objects will also appear selected

Between the start date and the finish date of a task the task bar will be orange.

Click on the clock icon next to the date to jump to this point in time.


The finish date of the task -

After the finish date the objects will stay in 3D but will be deselected.

After this date the task bar will be green.

Click on the clock icon next to the date to jump to this point in time.


The objects connected to this task

The objects can be isolated and selected by clicking on isolate and select.

4D bookmarks

It is possible to make a bookmark where the 4D workplan has been enabled.

If access this bookmark you will see what objects have been made visible to date according to the plan.

In Catenda Hub you will be able to adjust the timescale to whatever time you like.

If you share the bookmark externally, the external party accessing the bookmark will only see the objects that have been made visible so far.

How do I know if my IFC has 4D information in it?

If your ifc has IFCTASKs in it you will be able to see these in the 4D panel.

If your ifc has IFCRELASSIGNSTOPROCESSes in it these tasks will also be connected to objects.
A program you use to see if these are present is OpenIFCViewer.
Here you can check your model's statistics

Where you can find the entity in the statistics panel:


This lets you create a set of objects which can then be styled and colorized.

The selection can be given a name, colorization.

The set of object can be selected again at a later point.

This set of object can also be given a different object color at any given time.
Selections can be saved by making a snapshot or a bookmark and playing it later.

Because selections are stored in the snapshot of an issue they can be imported and exported to other programs through BCF.

An example of this is that issues with selections from the selection basket that are synchronized through the BCF live connector in Solibri will contain selection data when the snapshot is played.


This lets you see what measurements have been made in the 3D viewer.

Click here to read more about measurements

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