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You will be able to find the topics page as the third page in the left navigation menu in a project. This page is part of the content panel.
The topic window will give you quick updated overview of progress in the project, regarding the new/updated topics and open/closed topics.

The following topics will be described in this article:

Breadcrumbs - Topic boards dropdown

If you click on the name of the topic board on the top left you will get a dropdown list of all topic boards in the project.

All topic boards

At the bottom of this list in the topic boards dropdown you will see the option All topic boards. Here the topics from all boards will be combined. This can be useful for finding a topic of which you are not sure in which topic board it was made.

Note: It is only possible to search on the following in the "All topic boards" board.

My topics, Meta-status, Due date, Updated, Assignee, Requestee, Creator, Milestone, Custom fields, Tags

New item actions

The new item actions can be found in the hamburger menu next to the plus button on the top right of the page. See here for what the different actions do.

Search or filter bar

A status can either be open, closed or candidate although they might be named something else.

By default all topics with an open meta-status are shown.

If all open, closed or candidate statuses are shown they will be combined into one filter to save space. Click on the dropdown next to All open if you want to see which open statuses are being filtered.

Press the x to the right to remove all filters.

Filter panel

If you click on the topic filter button to the left of the search or filter bar in an topic board:

a filter panel will open up on the left.
Here you can specify what filters you want to use to narrow down your search.

Click here to read more about filtering topics.

Topic board

By default you will see recently updated, open topics.
Topics can be chosen to be displayed in two views:

List view - A more visual view with a preview of the images in the comments of the topic

Here you can only see a few topics at a time.

Table view - A table of topics showing only the most necessary information.
Here you can see many topics at a time.
By clicking on any information in the topic window, you will be directed to a sub page with the full information.

Right panel

In the topic board right panel you can see information about the selected topics and edit multiple topics at a time.

Sub pages

The sub pages to the topics page can be found in the right information panel.


Boards - An overview of all topic boards



Statistics - See the statistics of the current topic board


Clicking on the settings page opens the settings page for the current topic board.

Access required: Full access to the topic board

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