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You can find the list view of an topic board on the topics page

This is what an topic board looks like in list view.

This article contains information about the following topics:

When a topic is updated you can fetch the changes.
There will then be an animation of new topics sliding in and deleted topics sliding out

1. Select all

Select all topics in the topic board(s)

When you open an topic board 100 topics are loaded. If you scroll down past 100 topics you will load more topics. The first time you check this box you will select all topics you have loaded. If you have many topics in your board and do not want to scroll to load them all you can click on select all in filter which will appear next after "topics selected" when you check the selection box.

2. Display buttons

Swap between List view or Table view

3. Sort dropdown

Here it is possible to sort topics by:

  1. Newest

  2. Oldest

  3. Recently updated

  4. Least recently updated

  5. Due date, newest first

  6. Due date, oldest first

  7. Custom field, descending

  8. Custom field, ascending

4. Vertical scroll bar

Drag this bar to scroll the topic board vertically

5. Topic appearance

Depending on the contents of the topic, this is what a topic can look like:

Selecting topics

Select a checkbox to select an topic from the list


Title of topic

Meta information

Statuses (circle) and Labels (tag) added of topic

Assigned to


Requested by



Due date of the topic


Milestone of the topic


Previews of annotations, 2D and 3D snapshots


Date of creation of topic

Number of topic

Click on this number to copy a link to the topic

Bottom icons

Information about how many checkboxes are checked, comments made and documents linked

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