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The issue window will give you quick updated overview of progress in the project, regarding the new/updated issues and open/closed issues.

Issue boards dropdown

If you click on the name of the issue board on the top left you will get a dropdown list of all issue boards in the project.

All issue boards

At the bottom of this list you will see the option All issue boards. Here the issues from all boards will be combined. This can be useful for finding an issue of which you are not sure in which issue board it was made.

Top buttons

New issue - Click this button to make a new issue

Exchange issues - Open this dropdown to import / export issues
Settings - Administrators will see this button and can open settings of the issue board

Issue board

By default you will see recently updated, open issues.
Issues can be chosen to be displayed in two views:

List view - A more visual view with a preview of the images in the comments of the issue

Here you can only see a few issues at a time.

Table view - A table of issues showing only the most necessary information.
Here you can see many issues at a time.
By clicking on any information in the issue window, you will be directed to a sub page with the full information.

Filter panel

If you click on the issue filter button in an issue board a filter panel will open up on the left.
Here you can specify what filters you want to use to narrow down your search.

Issue information

On the right panel you can see information about the selected issues.

Sub pages

The issues page has two sub pages:

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