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Documents - Catenda Site
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The Documents page can be found in the menu or by tapping the issues button on the bottom navigation bar.


On the documents page you will see the documents in your project.

Towards the top of the documents page you will find the name of the project.

Draft documents

A draft document in Catenda Site will look like an empty document with no revisions.

The name of the document will be shown but the document cannot be opened.

Document filters

Below the name of the project you will see the document filter menu.

By clicking on the filter button on the right you will be able to filter your documents by label.


The search button lets you search in documents.

Documents Dropdown:
The dropdown menu lets you select document collections.

Here you will be able to select one of the shared document collections in your project.

Document collections can be useful for bringing documents to an offline location.

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