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Previewing documents on Catenda Site
Previewing documents on Catenda Site
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Documents on Catenda Site can be found by tapping on a document in the documents menu.

This article contains information about the following topics:

Top right Buttons

Towards the top of a document you will be able to find the following options.

1. Hamburger menu

When you click on the hamburger menu on the top right of the document you will see a menu open up towards the bottom of the screen.


Tap the Open option to open your document with another application on your device.

This option can be used to open your document in an application with document previewing capabilities. You might for example want to open an image in an image editing app or a pdf in an app where you can add comments


Tap the Share option to share your document with another application on your device.

This option can be used to share your document as attachment in communication types like email or messages that can have attachments.

Tap anywhere outside of the hamburger menu menu or drag down on the menu to close it again.

2. Search

If there is searchable text in a document the search option can be used to find phrases in this text. When you tap the search button, a search bar will show up and you can type in the phrase you are looking for.

Press the x to remove your search.

Match finder

After writing in a phrase you can tap the matches button to see an overview of all the places where your phrase has been matched in the document.

Hamburger menu in search bar

By tapping on the hamburger menu you can choose to if you want uppercase characters to be considered with the match case option and if you want your phrase to be discovered if it is a whole word instead of just part of a word.

3. Pages

The pages button will let you see an overview of the pages in your document

Tap on one of the pages to open that page.

4. Viewing settings

By tapping on the viewing settings button the viewing settings dialogue will open up.

Here you can decide if you want your viewing mode to be:

Single page - Default

Here you see one page at a time.

Double page

Here you see two pages next to each other.


Here you see a simplified version of the document with easily readable, bold headers and the margins removed.

Cover mode

This is the same as double page but the first screen only shows the cover.

This mode can be nice if you turn off vertical scrolling

Vertical scrolling

By default vertical scrolling is toggled on but can be toggled off if you want to scroll horizontally instead of vertically

Rotate clockwise

Rotate your document clockwise by 90 degrees.

Each page will be rotated individually and the scrolling direction will stay in place.

Document preview

For our model viewer we only support IFCs.

You will be able to preview the following filetypes on Catenda Site:

Open file formats

At Catenda we like to work with Open Standards so that everyone can work together regardless of the software they own. Typically, anybody can participate in their development due to their inherently open nature. Source This means that it is not just one organization controlling what gets developed.


Models section - ifc, ifczip

Accepted (Official and retired releases by BuildingSMART)

Not accepted (Withdrawn by BuildingSMART)

You can find what IFC releases are official here

Official BuildingSMART sample IFC files can be found here


Topics - bcfzip (bcf 2.0), bcf (bcf 2.1, bcf 3,0)


Documents - pdf (1.x to 2.0), pdf/a (1,2,3), xfdf, fdf

Comments - PDF comments will be visible when uploading a pdf


There are several ways to display open standard images on Catenda Hub:

Documents - png

Issues - Text formatting - png

Issues - Viewpoints - png, gif (static image only)

You can attach an image to a comment of an issue.

Proprietary image formats

See proprietary image formats here


Videos - Mp4

Rich text

Documents - html

Proprietary rich text formats

See proprietary image formats here

Plain text

Documents - txt, svg

Proprietary file formats

There are a lot of file format standards developed by organizations that are used by many.

It is important for us that it is easy to use Catenda. We therefore do our best to support as many of the most common filetypes that are used.


There are several ways to display proprietary image formats on Catenda Hub:

Open standard image formats

Open standard image formats can be found here

Documents - jpg

Topics - Viewpoints - jpg

You can attach an image to a comment of an issue.


Documents - dwg

Vector graphics

Vector graphics will be displayed with cad formats


Documents - dgn

Vector graphics

Vector graphics will be displayed with cad formats


Open standard office formats

see open standard office formats here

Documents - Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher - doc, xls, ppt

Documents - Microsoft Office Open XML - docx, pptx, xlsx

Documents - Email - Outlook - msg

Documents - Open XPS - Rich text format - xps

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