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You will be able to find the organizations page as the last page in the left menu on the main page at

Here you will see an overview of all the organizations you are an owner of.

If you are part of an organization you will be able to find it on this page.

Regular users are usually not part of an organization.

Users that have the ability to make new projects are often owners of their organization.

Users that have the ability to archive projects can also have access to an Archive organization to which they can transfer projects.

Transferring projects to an archive organization will free up a spot in the main organization so new projects can be made.

Organizations list

This is what the organizations list can look like:

The organizations list is sorted in descending order by default but can be sorted in ascending order by clicking on Name at the top of the list.

Organization owners will be able to click on their organization to be taken to the Organization page of that organization.

Click on any of the organizations to be taken to that organizations profile page.

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