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Users page - Organization tool
Users page - Organization tool
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You will be able to find the users page as a sub page to your organizations profile page.

Here you will see an overview of all the users that are part of this organization.

The users page can look something like this:

In this article you will find information about the following

User types

There are two types of organization users.


If you have access to the organization tool you are an organization owner.


Organization owners can add users from their domain as members of their organization.

Organization members do not see the organization too, but can be added to projects belonging to this organization without having to invite them to the project.

Top buttons

Add from domain

If you have registered your domain with Catenda you will be able to see this button.

You can request to register your domain by contacting support via the black chat button next to your profile picture on the top right or by sending an email to

Clicking on this button will open the add from domain dialogue

In the example above the domain was registered.

In the list of user to choose from you will see all Catenda users that have made an account with Catenda under the registered domain name.

If you are hoping to add someone that does not have a Catenda account yet you will have to wait until they have created their account before you can add them.

Search and filter

Hide empty filters

The "Hide empty filters" toggle is off by default which means you see all possible filters.

You can turn this filter button on to hide any filters have no results.

Role - role=owner,member

Owner - The owner(s) of the organization

Member - Organization members

Action buttons

After selecting one or more user(s) in the users list by clicking on their checkbox you will see the following action buttons appear towards the top of the projects list.

Add to projects

Add a user to one or more projects

Select which projects you would like to add the user to

Select the role they will have in these projects

Add or remove users before adding them.

Add email users that are not part of the organization yet.

Remove member

Remove the selected members from the organization

Users list

Here you will see a list of users that are part of your organization.

Note: these are not all users that are part of projects belonging to your organization.

users that are part of projects can be found on the project membership page.


Select organization users


The profile picture, username and email of the user.

They can either be a regular member or an Owner.

Owners will have access to the organization tool.

They will be able to add organization members to projects without inviting them.

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