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The bottom right message bubble
The bottom right message bubble
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The black message bubble can be found on the bottom right after logging in to Catenda Hub.

Or on our support pages.

The following menus can be found after opening the support bubble:


This is the default menu that opens when you open the support bubble.

On the top right you will see pictures of the customer support representatives that are currently active.

Send us a message

This button will let you start a new message. Here you can ask us anything you would like to know from information about a tool, feedback about things you would like to see, reporting about something that is not working or questions about your existing/potential Catenda account.

Catenda Connections

Here you can find the installation files for all our plugins in external programs

Search for help

Click here to start searching the help pages.

By default it will search in the language you have your browser language set to.

There is often more information available in English.

To find English articles you can go to

Recommended pages

Below the search bar you will find following recommended pages:


This will show the status of our current services

Clicking on this will take you to where you can subscribe to updates about our server status.

Here you will see information about the uptime of our servers for Catenda Hub, Catenda API (Boost) and Catenda DUO

You will also be able to find past incidents here.


Click here to see an overview of your past conversations with us.

Click on any of the conversations to open it up.

Send us a message

Here you can send a new message


This menu is not visible by default.

If you have reported a ticket or if a ticket was made for you by a support representative this menu will appear.

Here you can keep track of your previous feedback, bug reports or feature requests.

If there is any progress on any of your requests you will be notified here and via email.


Here you can search our support pages.

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