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Creating a team
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A new team can be made on the members page.
In a construction project teams can be valuable as people are often coming in, changing roles or leaving different work groups. Setting up teams can prevent miscommunication after a change in roles has happened in the project.​

When to set up a team?

Catenda teams can be divided in any way you want.

A usual way to divide the members into teams is by trade.

Also within a trade different work groups can be made.

Topics can be requested and assigned to teams making it easy to keep track of what the responsibilities and requests of a team are.

Within a topic, a team can also be mentioned to let the whole team know about something.

Access control can be delegated to teams.

This can be used to set up access before users are part of a team.
Then, when the access is ready to be used, the right users can be added to the team.

A good use of this is by setting a team when a member is invited so they get the right access as soon as they become part of the project.

Create team

To create a new team go to the members page and in the top right corner there is a "New team" button.
There you choose the name of the team and if the team should have the role as a member or administrator.

Note: If the team gets administrator role, every member of that team will have administrator access.

When the team is created, the team page will open and you will be able to add members to this team.

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