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It is possible to find the members page as a sub page to the project settings page.


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Top buttons

Invite member New team

If you have gotten access to this in project settings you will be able to see an invite new member button here.

Administrators will see the new team button here.


The members window shows the initials/ avatar for all the members in the project.

Settings Members

Member row

On the left you will see the members that are part of the project.

Each member shows its name, email address and which teams they are part of.

Administrator teams are displayed in orange, all other teams are gray.
By clicking on a member you will be directed to the member page of that member.

Team row

On the right you will see the teams that are part of the project.

You will also see how many members are part of each team.
By clicking on the team you will be directed to the team page of that team.

Saving more member data

If you wish to save more member data than supplied on the members page it is recommended to make an issue board with custom fields for the different columns you want and then make an issue per user.

This is what such an issue board can look like:

Other workflows that have been observed is putting your phone number in your username.
This way your phone number will always be in issues you send out to external parties.

Exporting member data

The only way to export member data at the moment is by copying it and pasting it elsewhere.

Get all members emails

There is a neat trick you can use to easily copy all email addresses of users.

To do this follow the following steps:

1. Click the sharelink button on the top right next to your profile picture.

2. Click in the recipients box and select "All users" (or any user or team who's users emails you would like to copy)

3. Drag from the bottom of the recipients box to the top of the recipients box.

(You might have to scroll down first)

You can now copy the email addresses you have selected with right click -> copy or with ctrl+c.

Note: Sometimes the text selection might disappear if you let go of the mouse.
In this case you can hold the mouse button for selection and use ctrl+c while holding down the mouse button for selection to copy the text.

You will be able to paste these emails in an email recipient box and be able to add all users as recipients to an email.

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