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The exchanging of topics in Catenda Hub can be found by clicking on the Exchange topics dropdown menu in a topic board.


There are three ways to exchange topics in with Catenda Hub:

Note: Topics can only be exported from one topic board at a time.

BCF import / export

Catenda is 100% committed to open standards, and we have based on that implemented export and import for BCF (BIM collaboration format).

This means that the user can import and export topics from/to other software that supports this format (for instance Solibri, Navisworks and many others).

Click the button captioned “Exchange topics”. From here you can click the buttons under the heading “File based exchange” to import or export to BCF-files. When you export you can choose to export the whole topic-board, or only the filtered topics.

If you use Catenda Hub as a BCF-server you can connect directly to other software and send / receive topics from there to/from Bimsync -- without using files. This uses the standardized (from buildingSMART International) BCF API. Examples of software supporting this includes Navisworks, Revit, Archicad and Solibri. The menu included the url you have to paste into Solibri to connect Solibri to this project / topic board.

You can for instance import a file with collision control data for the same model created in another software application. This way you can continue your workflow inside Catenda.

Excel export

It is possible to export topics to excel.
This export option is somewhat limited as it only exports the 10 last comments in an topic and does not export images in comments.

PDF export

The PDF export will let you export a report of topics.

This export option is useful to have an easily readable version of topics.
The PDF export will have the date of export marked.

This export option can be used to report to authorities.

Front page

The downloaded PDF will contain a front page

Clicking the Catenda Logo on the top left or on the top right will take you to the projects page.

Here you will see the profile picture of the project along with the following export details:

Project name - The name of the project


The amount of topics and from which topic board they were exported. Clicking the topic board name will take you to that topic board.

Time of export - The UTC timezone time when the pdf export was made.

Below the topics that are part of this export will be listed.

Clicking the name of the topic will take you to that topic on Catenda Hub.

Topic pages

A page for every topic with all the detail of each topic will be added after the front page.

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