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2D location of topics

Describing of the 2D location markers on topics

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Topics can be given a location in the 2D view.

Colored dots mark the location of topics in the 2D viewer giving an immediate visual understanding of where topics are as well as their status and type.

Using topic locations your project can leverage massively improved control over the placement of topics .

This feature complements the functionality of the Catenda Site, empowering projects with seamless creation, monitoring and management of topics created in the field, back at the desk.

With markers you will be able to do the following:

This article contains information about the following topics:

Interacting with markers

You will be able to interact with markers on the following locations:

If you hover over a marker in the 2D viewer you will see the topic number an title that belong to that marker.

  1. In the 2D viewer settings on the top right oft the 2D viewer you will be able to Show/hide topics in 2D view.

    Here you can also configure the marker color mode (Status, Topic type, Due date).

Displaying markers in Catenda Hub.

1. To work with topics and locations, open the information and 3D panel side by side:

  1. Topic list

  2. Viewer

2. Choose the model for you 2D background:

3. Expand the 2D view

  1. Expand 2D view

  2. Select the storey on which to add or view topics

Finding topics from markers

Open an topic starting from the marker in 2D view:

You can open an topic clicking on a marker. The topic opens on in the left window (topic list).

Find an topic's location in 2D starting from the topic list:

To find an topic's location, open the topic in the topic list, click on the "Has marker" text in the topic details and choose "View marker on 2D":

The marker for the selected topic is shown as dark blue:

  • Markers can be moved (click and drag to a new position) and deleted.

Adding a marker to a topic

Create a new topic or open an topic without a marker and click on "Add marker". For in-application help click on the help button on the bottom right of the 2D viewer.

Right-click in the 2D viewer and choose "Add marker".

A new marker appears in the 2D view. Click on "Assign current marker" in the topic.

The marker and topic are now joined, the location field in the topic shows the text "Has marker".

You can also create the marker first, then create an topic and assign the marker to the new topic. topics can be moved to a new location (click and drag) and deleted (click "Has marker" to open the marker menu).

This feature is now in Beta and available to all users, let us know your feedback!

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