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You will be able to find documents collections as a sub page to the documents page.

See a short video about documents collections here

With document collections you will be able to:

  • Create a set of documents from multiple folders.

  • Share documents with project members and external users, letting them download the set to a zip file with one simple click.

  • Set project members as followers to a collection

The following topics will be described in this article:

This is what the document collections page can look like:

Top buttons

You will be able to find the New collection button on the top right

​New collection

When you make a new collection you will be asked to fill out the following dialogue.


To make a collection it has to at least have a name.

The description and documents can be configured before submitting but can also be edited after the collection is submitted.

Add documents

To add documents click on the add documents button.


When you submit your collection you will be taken to the collections collection page.

The collection will be a private collection that only you can see.

You will still be able to edit this collection before sharing it with the rest of the project.

Adding documents to collections

You can add documents to collections before creating or finalizing the collection.

The Add document to collection menu can look something like this:

In this menu you can add documents to a collection.

Note: It is only possible to add single documents

you can either select the documents one-by-one or click on the checkbox top left to select all documents in the folder.

It is possible gather together documents from multiple folders and add them all to a collection.

If your collection is shared with the project, followers of the collection will get a notification that documents have been added.

Search and filter

Click here to see what options you have wen filtering on the collections page.

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