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You will be able to find documents collections as a sub page to the documents page.

The following topics will be described in this article:

Steps to follow - Share with project - Finalize collection - History - Disable public sharing

With Documents collections You will be able to :

  • Create a set of documents

  • Download your collection as a ZIP file

  • Share your document collections with internal and external users

  • Follow document updates

👉 Here are the steps to follow :

You are in the "Documents" section

  1. Click on "Collections"

2. Click on " New collection "

3. Add a name to your collection

4. Add a description (optional)

5. Add your documents

Note: Only files can be added to not finalized collections.

6. Submit / Cancel

Once the collection is created, you can :

7. Download the collection

8. Add documents to your collection

If your document has been found to be infected with a virus you will not be able to add it to the collection.

Note: The name of the document in the collection will be the revision name which can be different from the document name as a document can contain multiple revisions with different names.

You also have Options (A) and History (B) on the right sidebar:

A. Options

9. Document revision:

  • Follow the last revision : if you deposit other revisions of the documents, the collection will update as well.

  • Block revision : No update when filing new revisions.

10. Share with project:

By sharing the collection,

  • The collection will no longer be private.

  • All members of the project will be able to see the collection.

  • Members will only be able to see the documents they have access to.

  • Administrators can edit the collection.

  • Members added as subscribers will find the collection in their followed collections.

If a document has been found to be infected with a virus it will be removed from the collection.

Once the collection is shared, you can "Finalize" it to activate the public link :

11. Finalize the collection

By finalizing the collection :

  • The collection can be shared outside the project.

Note: It will no longer be possible to modify the collection.

It is not possible to go back after finalization

Once the collection is finalized, you can :

12. Activate the public link

13. Enter an expiration date for shared links

14. Share the collection externally

Document collections that are shared externally can be downloaded by anyone with the link. People with the link do not need a Catenda account to download the files from this collection.

Note: It is possible to request that the public sharing feature is disabled. If you wish this option to be enabled please contact support.

15. Share the collection internally by email

16. Subscribers: you can add or edit the subscribers of your collection.

B. History

The history tab allows you to have an overview of the modifications, downloads of your collection:

17. Collection shared with internal users

18. Collection shared with external users

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