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Share documents, download documents in ZIP file
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You will be able to find documents collections as a sub page to the documents page.

With Documents collections You will be able to :

  • Create a set of documents

  • Download your collection as a ZIP file

  • Share your document collections with internal and external users

  • Follow document updates

👉 Here are the steps to follow :

You are in the "Documents" section

  1. Click on "Collections"

2. Click on " New collection "

3. Add a name to your collection

4. Add a description (optional)

5. Add your documents

6. Submit / Cancel

Once the collection is created, you can :

7. Download the collection

8. Add documents to your collection

You also have Options (A) and History (B) on the right sidebar:

A. Options

9. Document revision:

  • Follow the last revision : if you deposit other revisions of the documents, the collection will update as well.

  • Block revision : No update when filing new revisions.

10. Share with project:

By sharing the collection,

  • The collection will no longer be private.

  • All members of the project will be able to see the collection.

  • Members will only be able to see the documents they have access to.

  • Administrators can edit the collection.

  • Members added as subscribers will find the collection in their followed collections.

Once the collection is shared, you can "Finalize" it to activate the public link :

11. Finalize the collection

By finalizing the collection :

  • It will no longer be possible to modify the collection.

  • The collection can be shared outside the project.

No going back is possible after finalization

Once the collection is finalized, you can :

12. Activate the public link

13. Enter an expiration date for shared links

14. Share the collection externally

15. Share the collection internally by email

16. Subscribers: you can add or edit the subscribers of your collection.

B. History

The history tab allows you to have an overview of the modifications, downloads of your collection:

17. Collection shared with internal users

18. Collection shared with external users

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