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Customize your issues

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You will be able to find the custom fields page as a sub page to the project settings page.

Custom fields let you customize your issues and naming conventions by adding text fields, numbers and lists of values.

The following topics will be described in this article:

Top buttons

You can find the following top buttons on the top right of the custom fields page:

New custom field

Administrators will be able to see a green 'New custom fields' button here.

See here how to create a new custom field

Archived custom fields

All users will be able to see the custom fields that have been archived and are not in use anymore.

Here they will be able to restore archived custom fields.

Custom field list

Your added fields are in the list of custom fields.

Here are some examples of typical custom fields that can be made:

Once a custom field is made it is not possible to change its type.

Click on any of the fields to be taken to its custom field page.

Enabling a custom field

After making a custom field the field can be added to issues in an issue board or as values in a naming convention.

Important: Custom fields do not work together with BCF yet. They will therefore not be visible in any of our plugins or external programs until version 4 of the BCF standard comes out and their features in other programs that follow the standard are implemented.

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