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You will be able to find the project settings page as the last page of the left navigation menu in a project. This page is part of the content panel.

Here you will be able to find settings that have to do with more than one project area.

On the project settings page you will be able to find information about:


On the project settings page you will be able to find project wide settings.

Project owner

There can only be one project owner.

For trial projects the owner is the person that created the project.

For customers the owner of the project is often the organization or the organization archive.

Organizations can be owned by multiple people who then have an overview of all the projects in that organization.

Project details

The project details consist of the project name and description.

Project picture - Here you can add a picture of the building or any picture you would like.
This picture will be shown in project details and on the project page if you mark the project as a favorite.

Renaming - Administrators will be able to click on the pencil next to the project name to rename the project

Measurement units

Configure what units you want to use to use in your project

  • Meters (m)

  • Centimeters (cm)

  • Millimeters (mm)

  • Feet (')

  • Inches ('')

  • Fractional Inches

Delete project

The owner of the project is the only one that can delete the project.

Users can be owners of an organization that in turn is the owner of the project.

Organization owners can delete the project from the organization page.

Access control

Here you will find ACL of actions that are project wide.


A visual representation of where the project exists in the world.
This does not affect the 3D models in the project.

Sub pages

You will be able to find the following pages as sub pages to this page:

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