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How to have a PDF as an Overlay in your 2D View

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This Feature allows you to have a PDF Plan as an Overlay in your 2D View. To be able to use this you will need to follow the Setup underneath.

Administrators will be able to find the Storey configurator page as a sub page to the models page.

The following topics will be described in this article:


In order to complete the steps in this article you will need a PDF Plan for every floor where you want a pdf as underlay.


Every floor has to be in an separate PDF.

One floor can have multiple PDFs


Set your View so that you can see your 2D Model and all of your Models.

Next to the new Model you have the menu Button.

Important: If you don't see the Storey Configurator icon in the navigation menu on the left you do not have the right to modify it. Talk to your project administrator to set it up or get the rights to do so.

Now go to the Storey Configuration.

Storey Configuration

This is where you align your PDF Plan with your 2D View, this has to be done once for every floor.

By default you will have one Building in your Overview. This also contains the Levels of the imported IFC.

Setting a Name for the Building is important as it will be shown later, so choose some thing that is self-explanatory.

Every IFC Level is represented in a Storey. Here you can set the Name and Elevation.

Important: Changing the Elevation will change the representation of your 2D View.

Within the Storey you can set the Overlay, click on "Show extra Options"

Here you see the "Drawings attached to the storey" function.

Click on Add.

A dialogue will open up and ask you for the Uploaded PDF.

When you have selected the wanted PDF click on Add this document.

This will bring you to the alignment dialogue.

Alignment Dialogue

This is where you will define the overlay and position it.

Your building should be selected now

All that is left is selecting the storey you want to align your drawing with.

Now you should see your selected PDF and the selected Storey on your screen.

With the Marker A and B you define the position of the overlay.

The Points you select have to match. Best to choose interception of two grids for example.

Use the marker via drag and drop to place them. You can also zoom by scrolling in the drawing.

After placing them click on "Next: Confirm result"

Approve Dialogue

After confirming the position of the markers the approve dialogue opens.

Here you can have a look at the overlay to see if that works for you.

Here a change can always be made by clicking on Previous: Place model and drawing points.

Once you are happy with your alignment you confirm by clicking on Approve.

This will bring you back to the Storey Configurator and now you can set up the next Storey.

Placement of drawings can be modified in this dialogue as well.

Important: Here you have to click on save configuration.

How to use it

Now that everything is set up you can use it in your daily work.
After your building configuration is done processing you can refresh the page.
If you are in your Model view and open the 2D View there is an Option to select the Building.

Select the just renamed Building

And your PDF overlay will be visible.

The storey configurator will always show the latest revision of the aligned drawing(s)

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