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You will be able to find the models page as the second page in the left navigation menu of a project. This page is part of the content panel.

The models page contains the models for each discipline.

The following topics will be described in this article:

On the models page you will see a list of all the models.

Models are sorted after the unicode values of their model name.
To find out what letters have which unicode values see here.

For a quick overview of unicode characters see below:

  1. Space ( )

  2. ASCII Punctuation & Symbols (Half-width)(!"#%&()*+-/)

  3. ASCII Digits (0001)

  4. ASCII Punctuation & Symbols (<>@)


  6. ASCII Punctuation & Symbols ([\]_)

  7. letters - lowercase - half width

  8. ASCII Punctuation & Symbols ({|}~¨´)

  9. European Latin - Capital then lower (ÅÆØß)(âäåæçèéø)

  10. Non-European & historic Latin - Capital then lower (Greek, Russian, Arabic, Thai)

  11. CJK Symbols and Punctuation (「」)

  12. ひらがな (Hiragana)

  13. カタカナ (Katakana - full width)

  14. Katakana symbols (・)

  15. Bopomofo

  16. Hangul Jamo and Compatibility Jamo

  17. Kanbun

  18. Enclosed CJK Letters and Months

  19. Alchemical symbols

  20. Kanji (漢字)

  21. Symbols (/)

  22. 0001-full-width-numbers


  24. letters-full-width-lowercase

  25. カタカナ - (Katakana - Half width)

The first uniode character is a space so if you want to make sure your model comes first in the list put a space in front of it.

Top buttons

If you have access to creating or downloading models you will see their respective buttons on the top right.

  • New model - Create a new model

  • Exports - Export a set of models

Model selector

Opening all selected models

It is possible to load all selected models by clicking on the 3D button top next to selected models.

New revision import

If you have access to uploading models you can upload a new revision to a model.

Drag and drop your ifc file on the corresponding model to upload a new revision.

You can also go to the model page of the model you want to import your file to and and click on import.

Keep in mind that only ifc files are accepted in the models area.

Opening models in 2D/3D

It is possible to open specific models in 2D or 3D by clicking on their respective buttons.

Download latest revision

If you have access to downloading models you can click on the download button.

This will let you download the latest revision of a model as an ifc file.

If you are looking for a previous revision of this model please to the its model page

Model page

For each model the latest revision of the model is the default choice, by clicking on a model you will be directed to the model page that belongs to that model here you will be able to find previous revisions.

Sub pages

As sub pages to the models page you will be able to find the following pages:

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