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Changelog 1 Catenda - April, 2023
Changelog 1 Catenda - April, 2023
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New articles:

Articles that have changed:

Issues resolved

Import issues:

  • IFC files with missing entities exported from MagiCAD can now be imported with more ease.

  • IFC files with non unicode characters in IfcPerson and IfcOrganization will no longer make the grids fail

Viewer issues:

  • Models can be rotated without problem again. (Rotation field was blank for a short period)

  • Objects can be deleted again (Models were loaded twice for a short period)

  • Grids exported from Revit with the official IFC4 exporter are now visible
    The first measured measurement is now immediately visible by going to inspect on screens where there is no space to show the inspect panel and the 3D viewer at the same time.

  • Objects can now be made transparent again. (Make transparent would hide others instead for some time)

  • Panels like properties now stay open even if you click on empty space and back on the same object

Other issues:

  • Moving files now lets you navigate from root folder again (Root folder did not display contents for a short period)

  • Storey configurator now lets you place drawings that had placements from before the rebranding again.

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