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Discover how to set up a Document Approval workflow

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This feature provides the ability to create a Document Approval workflow.

The picture below describes the steps necessary to have the process in place on your project.

  1. Edit the available statuses to your need

  2. You can now upload Documents as Drafts

  3. When the project contains Drafts, you can select them and create a new Approval

Approval settings

  1. One important step is to adjust the approval settings on the project settings page.

  2. An Approval request nominates a Publisher (person in charge of making the final decision over the publication), and one or several Reviewers, in charge of validating (or not), the set of drafts

  3. Each reviewer will decide whether the draft is Approved, Approved with comment, or Rejected

  4. At the end of the review, the Publisher will choose the outcome of the approval, by picking the documents to be published.

  5. From the approval settings, Issues related to the documents may be created in order to keep track of the process later on

A detailed demonstration of those steps are shown in the following tutorial:

Only using public document statuses by disabling drafts

It is possible to give and restrict access to the uploading of drafts.
Also for users who are not allowed to upload regular files!

If you want to turn approval flow off completely you can do so by archiving all the draft statuses in the document library settings.
The option to upload as draft in the document upload menu will then also disappear.
It is possible to keep published statuses even if there are no draft statuses in the project.

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